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What's with WOW?

WOW or as it's correctly known Wool Owners Warranty is exactly that, a warranty that comes with your carpet.

When you purchase your wool carpet* through Stephen Hunt Carpets, you can register with WOW**, and receive your very own personal carpet care advisor, a WOW registered carpet cleaner. Plus, a free bottle of spot remover! ***

Basically, meaning you have the aftercare service of dreams. ****

Let me explain more...

In the event of a spillage, say red wine or spaghetti, would you know what to do, to remove it from your wool carpet?

Most would probably say no.

Well once you've registered with WOW, you can just pick up the phone, and explain things through with your carpet care advisor. Who will guide you through the spot removal steps needed to restore your beautiful carpet back to its former glory.

Now for some proper nerdy stuff.

Being a natural fibre, wool can be a little tricky when removing any stain from it. Especially as wool carpets, or wool blend carpets can become dirty and damaged far quicker than any synthetic carpet, and because of this they can even hide dirt and stains by trapping them into the fibres of the carpet, which can begin to wear them down over time.

So, it really is essentially to take proper care of your wool carpet.

Plus, even with regular vacuuming and the odd spot stain removal, your carpet will require a further deep clean at least once a year. To remove all that hidden dirt and grim. Of course, you can do this yourself, but once your registered with WOW, you don't need to, your wow registered carpet care advisor will do this for you.

Now for a few reminders

  • Never use detergents or soaps on your wool carpet, only woolsafe approved products***** which have the logo on, because standard products like washing up liquid, may cause problems like colour bleeding. Or even seep through and damage the backing of your carpet.

  • Also, unfortunately some stains are super tricky to remove, and may even be permanent!

  • Lastly the warranty is completely free for the first 12 months, but after to extend the warranty, you must have your carpet cleaned by your WOW registered carpet cleaner. Agreeing an amount for the clean prior to the cleaning itself.

The following link will take you straight to WOW to register for this amazing service.

Got more questions and queries?

Please pop into the showroom, or call us on 01494 717131, and Steve or his team will happily answer them all for you.

Also please read the following.

*Check with us for our participating wool manufacturers and look out for the WoolSafe logo.

**Must be registered before installation.

***Collected from your local wow cleaner.

****Some of the UK's leading wool carpet manufacturers have partnered with the WoolSafe Organisation. An organisation that are devoted to promoting the best practice in carpet and rug maintenance. Established in 1991 they have a standard of excellence and safety for carpet care chemicals for professionals and consumers.

*****for more woolsafe approved products

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