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An interview with Steve

Interview first published in the Bucks Free Press 2003, written when he celebrated the quarter century anniversary.

Deciding on a new carpet for your home can be a challenging activity. Finding a colour, pattern and quality that's right for your home, and your wallet, is a potentially drawn out process.

That is unless you pay a visit to Stephen James Hunt Carpets, where a friendly and knowledgeable welcome awaits.

Stephen, a veteran of the carpet retail industry, began his career as a fitter working for other companies, before establishing his own.

As his business flourished, Stephen took on family members to cope with the expanding work. Over time his mum, sister, brother, even his son joined him. Jamie is still fitting with his dad today.

This closeness influences the company's attitude to work, and anyone purchasing a carpet can be sure of a warm and flexible service.

A new carpet can make a world of difference to your home. It insulates a room as well as adding atmosphere and character. It is an essential part of the décor and a significant financial investment, so it's important to have professional advice to ensure you get the most out of your carpet.

The showroom is erupting with samples of carpet and flooring, creating a rainbow of colours and patterns. If you can't find your perfect new flooring here, then the chances are are that it doesn't exist.

Stephens supplies and fits carpets from all the UK's leading manufacturer's. He explains: "Most carpets are made from an 80 % wool and 20 % nylon mix. These are the most popular, but we also supply the latest designs, like seagrass matting and laminate wood flooring."

- nowadays there are so many more. From luxury LVT to gorgeous soft fluffy polypropylene.

The thousands of samples Stephen offers in the showroom come from a select group of manufacturer's, chosen for their attention to detail and high quality end product.

To the uneducated eye, one carpet may appear similar to the next. However, the service you receive from Stephen and his staff means that you can be sure of selecting the floor covering that's right for your needs.

Stephen says: "We sell different types of carpet for different rooms. A lighter weight carpet in the bedroom or bathroom is advisable as it doesn't have to be as hardwearing as a lounge, hall, stairs or landing. A lounge is more of an investment so people tend to stick with the décor for longer, so it is important to choose a hard wearing carpet. For children who may spill things, or teenagers, it's worth putting in light weight carpet because as they grow they may want to change the décor."

Certain designs come in different widths so there is no need to have a join in the carpet - perfect for awkwardly shaped rooms. Stephen also stocks several ranges that are manufactured in different weights, but dyed the same colour. This allows you to follow a colour theme through more than one room, but only pay for carpets with the correct thickness for each room's use.

When you first visit the showroom, the initial step is to choose a colour that would best compliment the interior design idea you have for your room. Then Stephen and his team will select the correct durability of carpet for the room's use. An appointment is then made for Stephen to measure your room, and you are on the way to transforming your home.

The turn around time from when you decide on your particular design, to it's fitting is usually very quick.

"We pride ourselves on giving a bit more of a service than our competitors." - says Stephen. "The fitters will take doors off hinges and replace them, and also take into account for trimming the bottom of a door for a new thicker carpet. "

For a company to reach it's first 25 years of trading on reputation alone, with minimal amount of initial advertising, is an admirable feat. The majority of customers arrive at the showroom through word of mouth after seeing one of Stephens's installations in a friends house. The company is also now fitting carpets to the homes of the children of original customer's. - this is still happening to this day!

Words and image taken from an interview with Steve, first published in the Bucks Free Press 2003.

Some words and paragraphs amended to be relevant to the premises of the current showroom.

All rights go to the Bucks Free Press

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