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Carpet Types 101

You've had a look at some carpets, chosen the colour you like and even got some advice. But then you've got home and thought "hey I really don't know the difference between them all".

Well keep reading, we have all the juicy details for you.

But quickly before you continue reading, I should say that the meaning of Pile in carpet terms refers to the surface and feel of each carpet.

Please continue...

Tufted carpet, is the term used for 95% of all manufactured carpets. Put simply this means that hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through a primary backing material to form loops or tuft. Which will be left or cut.

Cut Pile is another term used to describe how the carpet has been manufactured. Put simply again cut pile is the way the carpet is finished and how it looks and feels. (most are heat set, which helps keep things in place once the carpets are laid)

Here's four types of cut pile carpets.

  1. Freize ( or freesay)- is a tightly twisted yarn, that's heat set, with a low pile pile surface that has a coarse pebbly texture. Making it perfect for for heavy traffic areas. (The Pearl or Trojan Plus ranges in store is a great example of this!)

  2. Saxony - a twisted yarn again, with the tips remaining very distinctive to give a textured look. These types of carpet show footprints and vacuuming marks, which make them perfect for occasional rooms that don't have very high footfall. (Volcano Saxony or Aurora ranges in store are both great examples of this!)

  3. Twist - Very popular choice for most homes across the UK. Being tightly twisted and heat set, this type of carpet has a very versatile, and textured finished that is great for a more plainer coloured carpet. (Smart Kinsale (a wool twist) and Fine Silk (polypropylene) are two great examples in store!)

  4. Velvet - often called velour or plush have a level surface pile, meaning they feel very soft to touch and look very luxurious. They do have a few downsides, as the carpet can shade after a while and footprints show very easily. (The Designer Silk range in store is a great example of this!)

Onto Loop Pile.

There are three main types, Berber, Level Loop and Multi-Level Loop.

  1. Berber - named after a handmade wool carpet that the Berber Tribes of North Africa and Asia created long ago. They are made from thick and bulky yarns of a mix of fibres from polypropylene to wool. All blended together to give a cushioned feel. Lots of colour options are available and often you will see Berber carpets with flecks in. (Montrose Berber in store is a great example of the fleck design!)

  2. Level Loop - This is when all the loops are cut at the same height giving a very flexible and highly durable surface. Theses carpets are great for families with little ones who may spill the odd drink or two. Being made of synthetic fibres they are also easily cleanable at home. (A great example of this type of carpet is the Primrose Hill range in store!)

  3. Multi-Level Loop - With two or more loop heights blended together these types of carpet are great for hiding marks and stains, so another great one for families of little ones. (The Avebury range(wool) is a great option to see in store!)

Woven carpets are another option. Think your Axminister's and Wilton's.

The pile or surface of the yarns used on woven carpets can be cut to size, inserted into the backing, then pulled through to form u-shaped tufts, that give a velvety texture and soft feel. Or they can have a continuous fibre yarn woven all the way through, leaving the carpet at a very high quality standard, feel and look.

Woven carpets are only a small part of today's carpet manufacturing but they still remain the finest carpet available.

Which carpet type will you choose for your home?

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