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How to Stop Your Rugs Moving

There is nothing more annoying then when the rug keeps on moving, or you trip on the corners! (small world problems, hey.)

But have no fear there may just be something that could help.

The Cybergold Rug Anti-Slip products.

They have a range of anti-slip products and underlay that guarantee to Stop rugs moving.

First is the Standard Anti-Slip underlay which comes in a range of pre cut packs, suitable for many different rug sizes. Perfect for use on a carpet.

Next is the Heavyweight Anti-Slip underlay, which is thicker than the standard and great for use with thin Persian style rugs. Giving a feel of softness underfoot.

Lastly is the Super lux Anti-Slip underlay, which is a high performance rug underlay with a dual black and grey bonded layer to ensure longer lasting performance. Also it has a greater resistance to dust and dirt.

There is even a Rug Control spray, which can be used on both hard floors and carpets. Coming in either Standard and Super Strength bottles.

All of the products and underlays mentioned above are available to purchase from us in the showroom so pop in and grab yours today.

5 Market Place, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, HP15 7LQ

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